Where to Buy Auto Parts in Pretoria

Beyond personal insistence from others about what makes for a great supplier in any field, we can turn to certain metrics to establish just why some businesses succeed so well in their industry, no matter that they have plenty of competition, often staring them right in the face. Firstly, some things have not changed – the desire for personalised service is still very much a part of retail sales.

This is as it should be, as although automation is rising year on year, it is not eliminating the need for people to feel an affinity with other people in commercial transactions. Put another, simpler way, people want a bit of qualified attention when making purchases. Even where people shop with the minimum of staff attention, they will default back to genuine personal service as soon as it reappears somewhere. The auto parts industry in South Africa is populated by a myriad of spares outlets, and Pretoria is no exception. Very much as in other B2C transactions, local buyers know that if they are going to buy auto parts in Pretoria, they will want knowledgeable service and someone who takes the time to supply the right parts, with a smile.

There is more to car part shopping than that, but good service is essential, as anyone who has queued behind dozens of customers at auto parts shops while staff crawl around lethargically can tell you. Everyone there has a car to fix, and they would rather be somewhere else. A great supplier will offer fast and friendly service – not just the statement, but the real thing – and an ample inventory to allow for one-stop shopping for petrolheads.


Quality Spares and Generic Spares

Secondly, there are a lot of cheap, low-quality auto spares in South Africa, as foreign manufacturers attempt to cash in on our substantial market. But before you write off generic spares, herein lies the hallmark of a great auto spares supplier too. Knowledgeable sales staff are the front line of success in auto parts, as they will know which generic spares are actually comparable quality – and oftentimes better value for your money – to the automaker’s own branded spares.

In fact, skilled sales staff at an auto spares shop can save you a lot, simply by pointing to alternatives and their relative merits. Conversely, they also save people by pointing out when they have had comebacks on components, and they will steer you clear of buying junk. Sales staff are the ones who see comebacks on various spares walk through the door, and they quickly know that with or without a guarantee, buying that particular component is not going to be worth your while. Auto work very often entails stripping panels or opening the engine, and knowledgeable staff understand that it is not worth the time and effort put into a repair if the component is growing a reputation as one prone to failure. Nobody likes making serious effort, only to have to undo everything and do it all over again.

Really awake parts suppliers will know about the companies making good parts and those making bad ones. Whether by default or active research, they have accumulated a book of knowledge that frees clients from doing that kind of homework – and great spares shop staff know it backwards.


Looking at Availability and Pricing When Shopping Auto Spares

Spare a thought for auto spares shops, who need to present as all things to all people. When someone with an obscure vehicle cannot find an equally obscure part, they might consider the supplier less than optimum, which is a little unfair. That said, great auto spares suppliers do carry a huge range of spares, trying to ensure that they can help anyone who walks through the door. The best shops will also be able to order spares not normally available, as they develop extensive networks amongst manufacturers and suppliers over the years.


A.S.A.P. Spares Turns Customers into Fans

In a nutshell, the top conventional considerations when choosing an auto parts supplier are:

  • Price and quality. This takes some thought, as you might find higher priced suppliers are not necessarily selling higher quality products, but they are just trading on local demographics to make sales. If they are the only spares supplier for miles, they can set the tone for local trade. Similarly, cheap inventories are usually comprised of poor-quality spares, but not always. Comprehensive suppliers can often price quite cheaply if they are selling big volumes every month. Look for competitive pricing across known brand items to gauge for yourself whether or not you are getting a good deal.
  • Staff knowledge is crucial to your successful repairs. Some staff sit and go through the motions, and all of the intel (and risk-taking in the face of their silence) must come from you. The best auto spares outlets have staff who know cars backwards, and know a remarkable amount about how spares perform, which are good value, and which to avoid.
  • Ordering and delivery should also be swift. A great spares shop can usually have the spares that same week, if not sooner if it is being shipped within the same province. Of course, spares ordered from overseas suppliers are going to take a moment to arrive, but they should at least have the supplier infrastructure to be able to order and supply pretty much anything car related.
  • If you are the kind of enthusiast who is often in-store, the supplier’s Point of Sale (POS) setup is going to impact your life. Waiting five minutes every time you check out might not seem a big deal, but it will add up to discontent very quickly. Inefficient POS arrangements slow customers down, often have ridiculous queues when the shop is busy, and are just frustrating to deal with. Look for a spares shop that has a quick pay-and-go checkout – it says they are on the ball and committed to great service.


For top-notch service and availability, come to A.S.A.P. Spares for all your auto spares requirements. Enjoy our team of experienced salespeople, as they quickly source and supply with the minimum of hassle. Our aim is to please, and we will always get the right spares at the best price for our customers.