Pros and Cons of Buying Brand New or Used Car Parts

What are the pros and cons of buying new or used car parts?

The routine of feeding your pets and making sure that they get all their shots and regular visits to the vet to ensure that they are happy and healthy is very similar to the relationship you should have with your vehicle.

From checking the lubricants and general wear and tear to major servicing or part replacements, your vehicle needs to consistently remain in a roadworthy condition to avoid breakdowns or unexpected mechanical expenses because, as we already know, these issues only happen either at 2 am in the morning or that time of the month when we just can’t afford it!

But, whenever we discuss the topic of vehicle maintenance, the age-old argument arises. Should you use Original Equipment Manufacturer (or OEM) car parts or should you look at the pre-owned spares market? Of course, someone will always chime in that there is always the aftermarket auto parts “to be used for the first time” arena but we will graciously excuse them for this exercise as, for this specific experiment, we want to investigate the original new vs original used car spares market.

In order to make an educated decision of whether to use OEM or pre-owned vehicle spares, we need to look at the pros and cons for both. We do know that they both have a place in the automotive market, otherwise we wouldn’t be having this debate, so let’s dissect the two and see where we come out in the end.

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Genuine Auto Parts, New from the Dealer

OEM car parts are much easier to qualify. As long as you have the make, year model, and the proper name of the part required, you are more or less guaranteed a precise fit.

New car parts have also been designed and tested in accordance with the manufacturers’ specifications, so it would naturally give optimum performance for your vehicle. There is assured compatibility of the part and the quality stamp is in the brand name of the vehicle.

Buying new, genuine car parts has an advantage because it is price specific. There is no place for bartering on the price. The car part comes from the factory with a specific price tag, which is dictated by the factory price directory. The price in the book is the price you pay.

One of the principle advantages of buying genuine car parts is that they usually come with some sort of mid-term guarantee. Between 6 to 18 months is generally the norm, which gives the buyer some sort of peace of mind. However, it must be kept in mind that this warranty or guarantee could be voided should the part be incorrectly fitted, or if brand-specific lubricants aren’t used.

On the Flip Side

It is legendary in the industry that OEM parts cost more. Much more! It is a known fact that some electrical components can be up to 80% more expensive than their used counterparts. If you are rebuilding or repairing an older model car, it is sometimes advised that you avoid these parts as the cost of the repair could put you in a zero or even negative return on investment situation.

OEM car parts are sometimes difficult to come by because there is a limited number of authorised dealer principles that stock these. Often, an order would have to be put in and there are sometimes extended waiting periods. There is, of course, the online option. However, pictures on the internet do not always equal the product that arrives, and this could set a project back weeks if not months.

What About the Pre-Owned, Genuine Parts Market?

Pre-owned, genuine car parts are exactly as the label implies. They have been used before in a vehicle that is not too dissimilar to the project that you are working on. Project builders, mechanics, and many weekend hobbyists opt for this option for a host of different reasons. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Most importantly, they are priced extremely competitively. Any vehicle project is budget specific and if you can obtain genuine spares and car parts at a fraction of the price, it is certainly worth looking into.

There are also hundreds of second-hand auto parts dealers nationwide, which means that a large variety of these car parts are available at very short notice, which negates long waiting periods. This opens the door for bartering or haggling for the best price for the best part.

A slightly used part or a component that is taken from a newer model that has been specifically made for the vehicle by the engineers who designed it still carries the mark of brand quality. The part was specifically designed for the car and therefore should perform the same, if not better than the part that you are replacing.

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There is Another Side to this Coin Too

The older the part, the more inconsistent the quality. This is obvious, so be aware of what you are buying and where you are buying it. You might find that you are spoilt for choice. There are just so many used car parts available that you might find yourself a little overwhelmed.

There are very little, if any, warranties or guaranties on these car parts, so be accurate with your requirements and selective of your choices. These are a few of the obvious cons of the second-hand car parts market and it is commonly, if not brutally, often used against the industry, not always without merit, admittedly, but there are solutions to this problem.

The secret to successfully finding quality, long-lasting, pre-owned car spares is choosing the correct supplier. Do your research, check references, and find a supplier that is trusted within the marketplace and respected by their peers, and that has a reputation of providing the best products at the most competitive prices.

Should you build a relationship with a supplier with these credentials, if they haven’t got the part you’re looking for, they will find it for you. They will assist in every way possible for you to complete your project whether you have a weekend rebuild or a monster delivery deadline.

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