We Sell Affordable Auto Spares in Pretoria

Pretoria has a huge community of people sharing their love of cars. With limited options in terms of practical, affordable, and safe public transport in South Africa, many people are forced to buy and maintain their own daily drivers – and many of them are on a tight budget. Prices for brand-new cars are often just too high, which leads to people buying second-hand vehicles instead of new ones. Even though this option provides a more affordable approach, an older car is bound to require more attention to keep on the road. Older cars are prone to more problems and require replacement parts more frequently than new cars do. Luckily, you have some options regarding affordable auto spares in Pretoria.

If you drive a Renault, Peugeot, Opel, Citroën, Suzuki, or Chevrolet, we can offer what you need to keep your daily driver running. We specialise in these six brands, supplying the necessary auto spares to ensure your vehicle’s continued operation. Since cars are fallible mechanical devices, they will require replacement parts sooner or late. With us on your side, you can find the car parts you need. However, we go beyond just offering a wide range of auto spares for sale in Pretoria.


Walking the Extra Mile

Because we specialise in only six brands, we can focus on total customer satisfaction. On our premises, we have a shop and a scrapyard to ensure that you can find the precise part that you need for your vehicle. Our scrapyard allows the more experienced customer to browse for and locate a specific part for their car. People love walking through our scrapyard; it opens a world where knowledgeable car owners can feel at home when poking around for car parts.

To complement our shop and scrapyard, we offer a customer-satisfaction guarantee with every auto spare that we sell. Under its stipulations, the customer is eligible to return a faulty part and get it replaced with a working version, so you will always be 100% happy with the auto spares you buy from us. If we do not have a specific spare that you are looking for, you can put in a parts request with our shop. This means that we source the part elsewhere from our supplier network. We know where in Pretoria to look for the scarce auto spares that we might not have in stock.

Accidents happen on Pretoria’s roads every day. When you are involved in an accident with your vehicle and it is uneconomical to repair, we can buy the wreck from you at a fair price – if it is one of our specialist brands. This will take the problem off your hands and replace the wreck with some cash that can be put towards acquiring another car. It will also allow us to salvage usable auto spares from the vehicle, so it is beneficial for both parties.

A.S.A.P. Spares is more than just an auto spares shop in Pretoria. We guarantee your satisfaction when choosing us as your parts supplier. Please visit our premises or contact us directly with any further enquiries.