These are the six automotive brands for which we sell new and used auto spares from our shop and scrapyard in Van der Hoff Road, Pretoria West. Of course, all these brands, save for Chevrolet, have their own national dealership networks where owners can buy new parts but these often come at a hefty premium. The prices for service items are covered while a service plan is in place and, in the case of a full maintenance plan, a lot more parts are added to the list. Under the terms of the new-car guarantee, failed parts are also covered. In all these cases, owners don’t have to shell out for buying parts. However, what if none of these applies to you and any auto spares your buy are for your own account? And why did we omit Chevrolet? Read on to find out.

New and Used Auto Spares – Only Cheaper

First, if you are not covered in any way for parts that wear out or fail, who do you turn to for replacement auto spares? Usually, the agents, but we’ve talked about how that can break the bank. We offer you an alternative. You can buy new parts from us too, but at lower prices than you would have paid through the official channels. However, we offer you another option they cannot – the option of buying used parts if you should choose to. There are many instances where you simply don’t need a new one. It might be a common part that is just as good used as it is new or it might simply be that your car is very old and not worth much, in which case it doesn’t really make sense to buy super-expensive parts at a similar price to those of a new car 10 times its price.

What’s on with Chevrolet?

Ah, Chevy. They’ve been here and gone so many times, some people have stopped counting. Now they’ve withdrawn from the local market again and this time, it doesn’t look like they are set to return. Chevy drivers have not been left in a lurch, as Isuzu has taken over the duties of servicing and maintaining Chevrolet vehicles in South Africa. But it stands to reason that, to make the business case work, prices will keep on creeping up for the auto spares of the slowly dwindling number of Chevrolets on the road.

What is worse, used Chevs’ values have gone on a steeper decline due to the brand abandoning our market, so owners might not get a good deal if they sell either. They’d rather hold on to their cars if they have the assurance that they will be able to maintain them affordably. That is what we are here for. We sell new Chevrolet auto spares and we also buy accident-damaged cars from which we strip salvageable parts to sell in our shop. As long as there are cars on our roads wearing the bowtie logo, we will be selling parts for them.

Visit us today for affordable new and used auto spares for any of our six specialist brands.