Where Do Most Auto Parts Originate From?

In South Africa, the automobile sales industry is booming. However, if there is one area within the automotive arena that is outpacing it, it is the auto parts sector that supports it. For every new or used motor vehicle that is bought or sold, there is an immense amount of maintenance, upkeep and, occasionally, repair work that needs to be done to keep the vehicle mobile, safe and roadworthy. It is these three factors that continually sustain the success of the spare parts industry, but where do most of these parts come from?

Arguably, the second biggest investment that you will make is that of purchasing a motor vehicle, and you would want to ensure that it is kept in optimum condition for as long as possible. This not only prolongs its lifespan but will also positively affect its resale value. The auto parts that are used to maintain your asset play a significant role in this process and there are several ways to obtain them. A.S.A.P. Spares investigates four of the most prominent types of spares and where to find them.

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Four Areas Where Most Auto Parts Come From

  1. Pirate Parts

These parts generally originate from countries where quality control, copyright and patent preservation are less policed. The cost of these spares does make them extremely popular. However, the vast difference in price between these parts versus other variations and alternatives should ring warning bells.

Although there are exceptions, their proven inferior quality, safety and longevity generally make them a poor decision for general maintenance, upgrades or modifications to your vehicle. They are not covered by most insurance companies and are prone to premature mechanical failure and, in some instances, even overheating and catching alight.

  1. Aftermarket Spares

Many spare parts are not manufactured by the specific brand of car manufacturer for aftermarket maintenance purposes. Items such as brake pads, shock absorbers, timing belts, spark plugs, lubrication oils and fluids, light bulbs and windscreen wipers need to be purchased at each maintenance interval.

Most of these parts originate from reputable manufacturers but many may fall within the ‘Pirate Parts’ category. Extreme care should be taken when procuring these parts. Always ensure that they are approved by the vehicle manufacturer and that the quality standards have been checked and approved by them.

  1. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Parts

If it can be afforded, OEM spares are an advised choice. These are brand-new, original spares manufactured by the vehicle brand. They are quality tested and approved by the engineers who designed and built the vehicle, so they are guaranteed to be a safe fit.

They can be a costly and in-demand alternative and often have long waiting lists for orders. The pandemic has put the production of some parts, specifically electronic components, behind schedule and there are waiting periods of up to three years in some instances. Additionally, high-pressure-generating spares like water pumps and turbo-units might cause damage to existing parts in your vehicle that have already been subjected to normal wear and tear.

  1. Pre-Owned or Used Motor Spares

The growing need for original parts that meet most insurance companies’ demands have been tested and approved by the engineers who manufactured them and have been partially “run-in” to conform with the condition, age and specifications of your vehicle are the reasons why this area of the motor industry is where most auto parts come from. Care should still be taken when selecting these parts and from whom they are purchased. However, they are the most suitable solution for most vehicle maintenance and repair projects.

Once make, year model specifications and part numbers have been checked, you really cannot go wrong with this alternative. Still, always ensure that you have also checked the credibility of the establishment, confirmed its name and reputation and that the part you are acquiring is in a better condition than that which you are replacing. Although this means of obtaining original manufacturer parts has become the most popular, exercise caution and follow these checks and balances.


Where to Find Quality Used Motor Spares

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