Second-hand Citroën Auto Parts Available in Gauteng

Are you finding it impossible to source new or used Citroën auto parts in Gauteng? Well, no need to continue your search as a solution may be closer at hand than you think. A.S.A.P. Spares might very well be your pot of gold at the end of a seemingly endless rainbow. Based in Hermanstad, Pretoria West, we are the only auto parts experts in the region specialising in Citroën spares.

This is great news for mechanical and auto body workshops, or even for weekend garage motor mechanics in the area. Since the PSA Group withdrew the brand from the local market, leaving Peugeot as the after-sales service dealer, we know that finding original, new or used OEM and brand-specific aftermarket auto parts for the vehicle has become increasingly difficult.

Authority Claimed through Leading Innovation

The Italians have successfully stood up to the challenge of speed and the Germans did fairly well with supplying comfort and luxury. However, when comparing apples with apples, French automotive designers and engineers at Citroën have successfully married both these factors. Their main objective was to produce a durable, unbreakable, family vehicle that was fun, mechanically advanced and nippy on the roads, yet technologically innovative enough to ensure practicality and safety for your family. And it all started right at the very beginning.

In 1933, Citroën introduced the Traction Avant. The world’s first mass-produced, front-wheel drive, four-wheel independent suspension vehicle. When the famous French brand was introduced to the South African marketplace in the late 1950s, the iconic Citroën DS range incorporated a self-levelling, hydro-pneumatic suspension system, another world first. Fondly referred to as “floating boats,” the luxurious ride was spacious and the smooth drive was slowed down and stopped by the first mass-produced, modern disc-braking system, yet another world first for the industrious car manufacturer. And it has proven to be a modern-day trifecta of unbreakable engineering excellence that has never been surpassed.


Old-fashioned Flair with Modern-Day Excellence

Today, sliding into the deceptively comfortable driver’s seat of the little C2 VTR reminds the modern Citroën motorist of the consistently innovative technology that the company keeps cramming into these little road runners. Electronic instrumentation clusters keep the driver informed of speed, RPM, mileage and fuel levels while A/C, ABS, impact airbags and electric windows come as standard fittings and fixtures. Not to be outdone, accelerating down city main roads and turning the little beast around corners offers the driver the experience of driving a turbo-charged go-kart.

These astonishing attributes carry through the family bloodline, from the C2’s brother, the C3 City and C3 Aircross SUV with its brave and bold new facelift to the rough and robust C5 five-seater family SUV, all with their unique technological advances accompanied by their previously renowned features.

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There is Simply No Stopping Citroën

With all of these technological advances and safety features, it is not surprising that new models are rolling off forecourts daily, and it appears that there is simply no stopping Citroën in South Africa. Slightly older models are now outside of their extended warranties, however, and the demand for new and top-quality used OEM auto parts and manufacturer-approved aftermarket spares is increasing exponentially.

Thankfully, our seasoned support and sales staff at A.S.A.P. Spares shares your passion and respect for the automotive excellence that is the Citroën motor vehicle. We have therefore become the sole, loyal supporter of the brand in the Gauteng area. After all, we are aware that even though they are durable and unbreakable, they do need maintenance, upkeep and repair from time to time.

So, whether you are servicing, maintaining or repairing a befallen Citroën in the Gauteng province, contact A.S.A.P. Spares for all your mechanical and technological requirements. With more than twenty years of experience, you can rest assured that if we haven’t got it, we’ll find it for you.


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