A.S.A.P Spares Pretoria: Your No-1 Scrapyard for Auto Parts

If you are in the Pretoria vicinity and are on the hunt for quality auto spares, it is time to visit our scrapyard. There are a number of unbeatable benefits when it comes to sourcing your auto parts from a well-organised scrapyard. Vehicle scrapyards enable customers to access affordable auto spares on a regular basis and are a popular choice for many with a passion for all things automotive.

auto scrap yardFinding auto parts at a scrapyard often leads to affordability and oftentimes enable individuals to access spare parts more quickly than if they were to order them from an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Here at A.S.A.P Spares, we pride ourselves on our high-quality scrapyard and strive to make it an enjoyable experience for all customers. Some of the key benefits that come with sourcing your auto parts from a well-equipped scrapyard include:

  • Amazing Value: One of the most prominent benefits of sourcing your spare auto parts from a scrapyard is the cost benefits. Second-hand parts are far cheaper than their newer counterparts, and when bought from a supplier who quality checks their products, pre-owned items can be as good as new. While generic products are quite easily available, it will be better for your vehicle if you can source an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) product.


  • Quick Availability: Scrapyard owners have a keen eye for quality products, and they know what sells. They thus strive to keep their scrapyard fully stocked and aim to purchase popular vehicle brands who offer in-demand parts. A visit to the scrapyard is often a far quicker venture than having to order new parts from across the country. You cut down on delivery costs and time, and can often get the part that you need on the same day. When it comes to A.S.A.P Spares, we will happily reach out to our vast network if you are looking for a particular part that we do not have.


  • Enhancing Your Green Footprint: Another obvious benefit of choosing second-hand parts, after the brilliant cost factor and quick availability, is the environmental benefit. When you choose a second-hand model, you are supporting the environment. The manufacturing process, unfortunately, has a big carbon footprint, as does the distribution of products. If more people choose high-end, pre-owned parts, this will have a positive impact on the planet. Buying second-hand auto spares from a scrapyard is a quick and easy way to up your recycling game.


  • Supporting Local: When you support your local scrapyard or auto parts dealer, you are often supporting a small and local business. This means that your money is going directly into your community, rather than into the pockets of larger or global corporations. Supporting small businesses means supporting a real dream and directly supporting local families in your communities.


Visit the A.S.A.P Spares Scrapyard

If you are interested in exploring the diversity and intrigue of a well-organised scrapyard, then it is time to visit us in Pretoria West. Sensing a gap in the South African market, we realised that clients needed quick access to high-quality auto parts and scraps at an affordable rate. We pride ourselves on keeping our scrapyard well-organised, and this means that clients can quickly and easily find the products that they need. While our humble beginnings started out as an Opel spare parts dealership, we have since expanded our product range and services and have become one of the largest auto spare parts dealerships in Pretoria. We now stock spare parts for a number of leading vehicle brands, including:

  • Opel
  • Suzuki
  • Renault
  • Chevrolet
  • Citroën


We source accident damaged vehicles for our scrapyard and usually source them from auctions, salvage sites, or from private sellers directly. If you have an accident damaged vehicle from one of the above-mentioned brands that you would like to sell, then we encourage you to get in touch with us. Some accidents end up costing car owners a great deal of money and repairs are simply too costly. In such instances, selling your vehicle to a scrapyard is the most economical choice.

If you are looking for spare auto parts and do not want to pay an arm and a leg for original parts, then it is time to give our scrapyard a visit. Customers are also welcome to browse our online product catalogue and check if any parts are available via our store. If you are looking for a part that we do not stock, we will happily reach out to our wide network and try and source it for you.

All of our products, old or new, also come with a guarantee. We believe in selling quality products for a great price and strive to make customers feel confident and secure with every single purchase. If you are on the hunt for a particular auto spare, then get in touch with us today. Visit us in Pretoria West, give us a call on 012 379 1300, or send an email to info@asapspares.co.za. One of our friendly staff members will be in touch and help you to find the perfect spare parts for your vehicle.