If You Are Searching For Auto Parts Online, Try Us For Affordable Opel, Chev, Renault, Peugeot, Citroën And Saab Spares

If you are searching for auto parts online, you would do well to peruse our user-friendly website and read what we are all about and what services and products we can offer you.  Our main purpose is to help drivers of…

  • Opels
  • Chevrolets
  • Citroëns
  • Saabs and
  • Renaults

…maintain their cars at a reasonable cost by supplying them with top quality, genuine new and used parts.  While the car market in South Africa has boomed over the past few years, the same has not been true of the spare parts market and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find good spares at a reasonable price.  The franchised agents are usually very expensive.

Sourcing Affordable Auto Spares for Our Brands

Since 2001, we have become experts at sourcing auto spares at really affordable prices for all the above-mentioned brands and in some cases, we are one of the only sources of spares.  For instance, now that Saab has been discontinued in South Africa and the future of the brand is in doubt, many people find that their used Saabs are worth very little.  The only alternative has become to keep it, but parts are very expensive and no-one knows for sure for how long they will still be able to obtain Saab spares from GMSA.  We try our best to source as many Saab auto spares as we can to answer this need.

Contact Us if You are Looking for Spares

Finding auto spares online should not be a lot of trouble and we try to make it as easy as possible to make contact with our friendly staff.  Browse to the Contact Us page on our website and complete the web form, where you will be asked for your personal details and where a space is provided to type your message.  We will ensure that one of our dedicated spares specialists revert to you as soon as possible with a satisfactory answer to your query.  Alternatively, you can visit us at our premises in Pretoria North.

Meet our Brand Experts

Whether you are enquiring about auto parts online via our website or by visiting us, you will be assisted by one of our four brand experts:

  • Johan van Wyk is our general manager and Opel expert and there is no Opel part he does not know about.  Speak to him about all your Opel spares needs.
  • Cobus Joubert is one our French car experts and if you require assistance to find a part for a Citroën or Peugeot, he is the man to talk to.
  • Ephraim Maleso speaks Chevrolet fluently and he is our Chevy expert for a reason.  Talk to him and once you have heard how much he knows about his favourite brand, you would have to agree.
  • Raynere Joubert is our other French expert and younger brother to Cobus; since Renault has gained so much market share in South Africa in recent years, he has become our dedicated Renault expert.

Contact one of these specialists via our website for a painless experience in sourcing your auto parts online.