Revamp Your Ride: Expert Tips on Cost-Effective Auto Parts and Spares


With vehicle purchase prices, insurance and perpetually increasing fuel prices, people are looking for ways to save money on their newly acquired assets, and one way to accomplish this is by finding cost-effective auto parts and aftermarket spares for maintenance and repairs.


At A.S.A.P. Spares, we understand that safety and security are a priority. But original equipment manufacturer (OEM) auto parts can be expensive and delays in availability could cause the vehicle to be off the road for many weeks. For these reasons and more, we will use this article to explore a basic guide to alternative ways to revamp your ride through superior-quality new and used auto spares.


Revamp Your Ride through New and Used Auto Parts – A Basic Guide

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Understanding that OEM car parts will always be the better option for maintenance and repairs to any vehicle, it may be a challenge from a budgeting perspective or finding the right parts for older model cars. For these occasions, the best option may be to source second-hand or aftermarket auto parts. If this is your predicament, follow these basic steps to find the perfect parts for your vehicle.


  1. Know the Parts You Need

Make a list of the parts you require. Ensure to carefully note the OEM part number, the make, model and year of fabrication. It is best to take the part with you to a professional parts dealer, but if this is not possible, it is wise to take photos of the current licence disc, this will display all this information. Also, take pictures of the parts you have, including the part numbers, mounting bolts and working parts.


  1. Do Your Research

Ask your local mechanic for advice and who they use to acquire parts. Shopping online is also becoming more popular for finding the perfect auto parts. However, if you select this option, do thorough research, like how many years they have been in operation, do they have a good reputation and whether they are trustworthy.


  1. Select Your Auto Spares Dealer

Not only do you have to check the name and reputation of your new or used car parts dealer, but you also need to ensure that they have sufficient stock of the parts you require. You also need to make sure that the parts are of high quality, brand-approved and offered at competitive prices.


Where to Find Superior-Quality New and Used Auto Parts in South Africa


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