The Benefits of Buying New and Used Auto Parts in South Africa

When you are looking for new and used auto parts and accessories in South Africa, it is imperative to choose a reputable brand whose products you can trust. Used parts do not have to mean that you lose out on quality or durability when you choose the right supplier. All vehicle owners are bound to run into some car trouble at some point or another, and it is inevitable that at some stage, you will need to find a spare auto part. Sometimes, much to our dismay, these parts come with a hefty price tag, or they will take months to arrive, and in the interim, you will be left without a car or forced to hire an expensive rental.

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In these situations, you need to turn to an expert in the auto part industry and that is where we come in. We are a supplier of used and new auto parts and stock a range of reputable brands. We believe in the value of choosing used auto parts where possible as they offer clients a myriad of advantages. The top four benefits of second-hand products are:

  1. Saving You Money: There is no denying that opting for used auto parts and accessories can save you a lot of money. While new accessories and parts have their benefits (and thus we supply them too), used parts can really cut costs. They also do not have to mean that you are missing out on quality as we ensure that all our parts are tried and tested. They also save you from having to order expensive parts from overseas suppliers or manufacturers in other parts of the country. At A.S.A.P Spares, we believe in the importance of affordability and product durability and pride ourselves on a high-quality product range.


  1. Being Environmentally Friendly: Not only will you save money when you opt for a second-hand auto part, but you will also be doing your little part for the environment. The car manufacturing industry takes its toll on the environment, and when you buy used parts, you cut out extra manufacturing, which leads to greater pollution. This is a great idea for anyone with a passion for recycling as it creates less of an environmental footprint and prevents the further release of greenhouse gases.


  1. Find Parts That Are Not Made Anymore: The car manufacturing industry is ever-changing, and newer models are always being created. As such, the production of spares for older vehicles is not a priority.


  1. Supporting Local and Boosting the Community Economy: Perhaps one of the best things about supporting companies who sell both new and used products is the community impact that your support has. Rather than only buying from the original equipment manufacturers (OEM), who are often large corporations, you support smaller dealerships and stores that directly boost your local economy and create employment opportunities in your community.


There are thus a number of benefits to choosing to buy used auto spares, and if you are in the Pretoria vicinity, then it is time to pay us a visit. Our scrapyard is well maintained and suitable for customer visits, and if a product is not in store, we will try our best to find it for you. Not only do we sell new and used parts and accessories from a number of leading brands, but we also buy vehicles that have been damaged in accidents from salvage yards, members of the public, and auctions. We are thus well-versed in the used-car industry and have a wealth of knowledge at our disposal to share with our clients.


Why Choose A.S.A.P Spares For Your Vehicle?

We began as a small business that specialised in Opel spares and soon grew into the biggest second-hand parts store in Pretoria. Our closed corporation has grown over the years, and we now stock a number of auto parts and accessories from a number of leading brands, including Suzuki, Renault, Chevrolet, Citroën, and Opel. We strive to amalgamate high-quality products with exceptional value and thus whether you are looking for new or used parts, we are always the place to be if you are in South Africa!

Visit our scrapyard and premises in Pretoria West and come and see our vast range of auto parts and accessories for yourself. We pride ourselves on the organisation and neatness of our scrapyard and truly believe it is a place where clients searching for the abovementioned vehicle brands can find just what they need. We offer clients guarantees on both used and new parts and have signed up with the Small Enterprise Employers of South Africa (SEESA) to ensure that everything is done by the book, and our clients are always protected.

If you are looking for a particular part, simply fill in our online request form, and we will get back to you. If we do not have a particular part, we will gladly contact our network and try and source your desired product. You can also give us a call on (012) 379 1300 or send us an email to Contact us today and we will help you to find that perfect part or accessory for your car in South Africa.