Auto Parts 101

For all of our reliance on cars, it’s sometimes quite remarkable how little people know about what they’re composed of! That’s no biggie because, when you think about it, who amongst us but mechanics and auto or auto parts dealers really do? Most people wouldn’t be able to perform gymnastics or brain surgery either –many arenas of human endeavour are complex or involve specialised skills, so there’s no shame in having only a basic knowledge of what lies beneath you as you drive.

How basic? Well, if you know the essential components and can spot breakage, you’re good to go. Seen from the point of view of auto parts dealers, there are some constant appearances – the cast and crew if you will – and then the more infrequent and exotic stars of the show, which are items that seldom need repair or replacement but are often no less crucial to the smooth functioning of your car as any other. Some of the biggest auto parts can be the cheapest, whiles small components can be pricey, but there’s always a reason behind that.

What Auto Parts Make Up Are Staples of the Trade?

Right off the bat, it helps to understand the notion of wear and tear. “Wear and tear auto parts” are things like the brake pads that work hard all the time and have a very short lifespan within any vehicle’s overall useful life. Other auto parts in the category include your tyres (the costliest wear and tear item!), things like wiper blades and cables, brake discs (on top of the pads themselves), shock absorbers or struts, and even the clutch assembly, a major component if ever there was one. The best approach to wear and tear items is to diarise their replacement and make a habit of routinely doing so as per the manufacturer’s specifications.

Some people might have local influences that hasten the need to replace some of these wear and tear auto parts (think of salty sea air or bitterly cold and dry conditions), and beyond that, of course, the entirety of a car experiences wear and tear too. Following this maintenance component brigade, and in no particular order, come a host of regular requests any auto parts dealer sees every week. They include clutches (mentioned above), radiators, alternators, light fittings and sundry electrical components, and of course, batteries (and a few million battery terminal clamps per annum, too!).

Auto Parts Superstars

The auto parts superstars get that title for the wrong reason– they’re big-ticket items that you’d ideally avoid having to purchase. They start with the engine itself. A huge number of engines are fitted in South Africa each year, as at times, it’s simply more cost-effective to replace the engine block and refit the peripherals to restore a vehicle. Right after the engine is the gearbox. The gearbox (or transmission) is a hard-working component in any car, manual or automatic, and of course, when they break, driving isn’t an option.

Beyond the basic propulsion, gearing, and conventional wear and tear auto parts, there’s the exterior of the car (panels, usually only replaced in the event of accident damage) and the axles, prop shaft, steering, and chassis components. Those living on dirt roads need no explanation of how banged about these components can become, and they’re no less essential for safe driving than are brake pads. Of course, axles end in wheel hubs, and steering racks end both in your hand and at various touch points beneath you, and those are wear and tear points too, where a host of metal and rubber combine to safely steer a vehicle along the road.

Auto Parts Hold Your Life in Their Hands

Big cheapies include things like the fuel tank and the panels mentioned above. Whatever the component and whatever the cause of failure, it’s important to understand that it’s not necessary to know everything you’re looking at under a car, only that you can identify breakages and sort them out as you find them. Auto parts might at times present as an unwelcome expense, even if it’s a minor one, but every single component you let slip without repair goes to your roadworthiness. That’s more than dodging the cops; your vehicle’s roadworthiness is your very real safety on the road.

There’s more to maintenance than looking good, and because cars tend to be constantly used, being yanked and bumped around every day, it’s crucial that you replace auto parts as per the mandated schedule, just like servicing, and that if anything beyond the cosmetic fails, you restore the car to its previous fitness quickly. Cars can accumulate a basket of needed repairs in no time and go downhill rapidly, no pun intended! It’s not about the expense or the hassle; it’s about your ability to steer and brake safely, as well as make it home in a fully functional vehicle – illuminated and running smoothly–every dark night.

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