Is it Bad to Use After-Market Auto Spares?

This subject has been hotly debated amongst motor enthusiasts ever since the very first after-market product was produced, and justly so. However, before we begin ripping into this particularly lively discussion, let’s first begin by explaining what after-market auto spares are and what alternative car parts might be available.


Understanding After-Market Auto Spares

These products are auto spares that have been manufactured to fit your vehicle but were not made by the manufacturer. In other words, they were made to mimic the original car parts of your vehicle. This means that the origin of the after-market product was not the factory that manufactured your specific make and model vehicle.


Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Car Parts

As the name suggests, these auto spares are original products manufactured in the factory where your vehicle was first built. These products are manufactured by your vehicle’s brand engineers specifically to your vehicles specifications. These components undertake the same rigorous testing that their new counterparts did before you bought your vehicle.

Apart from after-market car parts, the alternative to new OEM products is second-hand or previously owned auto spares. The debate intensifies when adding this choice of product to the mix since it adds a new dimension to repairing your vehicle. Purchasing used but modern car parts for the same vehicle might even be an upgrade to purchasing after-market spares of the same year.

Auto Spares

“Haters Gonna to Hate”

Some mechanical workshops and vehicle rebuilders are really unfazed by this discussion and pretty much use the best option available in accordance with their client’s budget. On the other hand, loyal supporters and enthusiasts of any of these three particular choices of auto spares will fiercely defend their opinions and preferences and be extremely verbal about their choices. For some people, it’s OEM parts or nothing. While others are more open to quality second-hand models and after-market parts.


New OEM Products Losing Pace in the Auto Spares Race

While many consider OEM car parts as the best option, there are several drawbacks. Two of the principal causes of dismay are that these auto spares are extremely expensive and in some cases, price themselves out of the market. Additionally, they are usually only sold by the manufacturers’ dealer principles or registered brand agents, which oftentimes leads to disappointing shortages and long delivery periods. This could seriously damage both the time constraints and the financial budget of a tight build, especially if parts need to be sent from overseas.


If You Can’t Stand the Heat…

Adding fuel to the fire is that some new OEM car parts are only viable if insurance companies are paying for the repairs. In some cases, previously used OEM auto spares are more expensive than most after-market brands. A rare exception from this debate is in the event of a repair to an accident that was not your fault. In this instance, you deserve new or almost new OEM car parts as you have the right to enjoy a vehicle that is restored to its original condition before the accident.

This increases the heat in our debate. Apart from the exception, should a vehicle be too old to insure or the company insuring the vehicle approve a quotation with after-market auto spares listed in the quotation, why should they not use after-market auto spares to repair it?

The truth is, after-market car parts do have a history. In the beginning, there were some reports of poor quality and sub-par specification issues which tainted the industry for some motor enthusiasts. However, with modern advances in mechanised motor manufacturing, improved manufacturing conditions, and better quality products, the industry is booming. Here at A.S.A.P, all of our parts undergo rigorous checks to ensure our clients get top-tier quality.


OEM Die Hards

“Potato – Potaato”,  the OEM die-hards might scream. Is it an original part, or isn’t it? A valid question, but let’s play devil’s advocate for a moment. Most of us already use after-market auto spares, albeit they are endorsed by the manufacturer. Sparkplugs, batteries, shock absorbers; the list of approved after-market products is endless. So what’s to say we can’t use them in other areas of the vehicle? With rumours of their new and improved performance, it doesn’t sound like a bad option, does it?


The Proverbial Spoke in the Wheel

Let’s put an end to this once and for all and browse our extensive range of products. We’ve been dealing with this debate since 2001. Speak with our seasoned auto spares professionals and ask their opinions. We’ll give you the right part for the right job. Whichever the choice, it’ll be the right one.


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