How to Start a Car That Has Not Been Used for Months

Vehicles are not meant to sit around, they are meant to be kept on the road. When cars are stationary for too long, their parts might start to deteriorate, engine and transmission fluids may start to break down, and other damage may occur. It is because of this that we have compiled a few pointers as to how you should start a car that has been sitting idle for a good few months, as merely hitting the ignition might just be the worst thing you can do in this case.

#1 Check the Engine Oil

Before you determine whether you should buy any new or used parts to replace damaged or old parts that have deteriorated over time, you first need to check your engine’s oil. This should always be your first step, as stationary vehicles that have not been used are susceptible to bugs and grit finding their way into the engine internals and under the bonnet. They may also carry with them flammable materials, such as twigs and leaves, which could catch fire. Therefore, inspect the radiator and engine bay for leaves, debris, and insects beforehand. After this, drain the oil and buy fresh oil of the correct grade to replace it. Oil is affordable, so do not take shortcuts. This will remove dirt and lubricate parts like the dry cylinder head, with all the old oil having settled in the sump long ago.

#2 Drain the Diesel or Petrol Tank

It is best to drain the petrol or diesel and replenish with fresh fuel to remove impurities and sedimentation that can cause big problems once they enter the fuel injection system.

#3 Inspect the Coolant

It would also be best to drain and replace the old coolant, and to make sure that the correct blend of water and anti-freeze agent is used.

#4 Inspect Brake Fluid

Ensure the brake fluid is within the minimum and maximum markings.

These are a few essential steps you need to take when wanting to take a car that is been sitting idle for a long time back on the road. Of course, you may also need new or affordable used car parts to replace any that have been damaged or have fallen into a state of disrepair. It is always recommended to take your vehicle in to a competent mechanic and get a professional assessment of its roadworthiness before making any decisions.

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