Tips To Help You Save with Affordable Second Hand Engines

Getting your hands on affordable second hand engines is becoming harder than ever, since more and more individuals are opting for affordability in these economically unsure times. When you’ve found one of these engines it can turn out to be a good investment, one that can sometimes last almost as long as a new engine if looked after properly. It can also turn out to be a waste of money. Use the tips in this article to ensure that you get value for every Rand you spend when buying your used engine.

Make Sure You Need One

In times of economic uncertainty even scrupulous dealers may sometimes err on the side of profit, which means you may be advised to get a new engine when you don’t necessarily need one. So when you get that first opinion, whether you know the dealer in question or not, it’s recommended to get a second opinion on the matter from a different dealer.

Many leading vehicle mechanics will also recommend purchasing a second hand engine from a dealer different to the one where your vehicle services are performed; your usual dealer makes derives most of its income from services to failing engines and replacing broken parts. Ensure you get an impartial opinion, and that you buy your used engine from an impartial retailer.

Inspect Your ‘New’ Engine

Before signing on the dotted line, before handing over the money and before taking possession of your new engine, make sure it works. Ask the dealer or seller to hook and start the engine up. Let the engine run for 15 to 25 minutes to let it heat up. Pay special attention to the sound it makes – if there are any rattling sounds, clunking sounds or the like which doesn’t fit with an engine, you may want to reconsider the purchase. Similarly, if you note fluids of any kind leaking from the engine while it is running, you may be better served looking somewhere else. And should your knowledge of engines be limited, ask an experienced mechanic to accompany you and help you decide.

After You’ve Bought Your Used Engine

Now that you’ve paid for your engine and had it fitted in the body of your vehicle, it’s up to you how it will serve you. Scheduling weekly and monthly engine maintenance will help your engine live longer, which means it will serve you longer and therefore provide more value for money. Since different parts of a vehicle can influence the workings and wear of the engine, it’s important to ensure that the rest of the vehicle is in sound condition, and that the vehicle itself is driven with care.

Affordable second hand engines can be a great investment if you need one, and don’t have the means to afford a brand new replacement. And with a bit of looking after, your motor will keep running day in and day out, giving you bang for every buck you’ve spent.