Many people only buy new spares for their vehicles, straight from the franchised agents. Yes, a new part is probably the best you can find and comes with a guarantee, but you would expect the world from it, wouldn’t you, considering what you pay for it! If your vehicle is still brand-new and it is looked after by the manufacturer in accordance with the service or maintenance plan, the prices of those new spares probably don’t bother you much. After all, you don’t pay for them. But what happens when your vehicle is no longer covered by any type of plan and you become responsible for its maintenance? That is when you need an alternative source of new spares. In fact, you should also have a choice of whether you want to buy new or used car parts.

The Luxury of Choice

Yes, at A.S.A.P. Spares, the customer is king and the king should always have a choice. If you want to buy new spares – and some safety-critical parts such as brake pads should always be bought new – we can sell you new spares. However, if you want to opt for used car parts instead, we sell those too. We cater for six auto brands: Chevrolet, Citroën, Opel, Suzuki, Peugeot, and Renault. You can find new and used car parts for all these brands at our shop in Pretoria West. In fact, we could possibly be the most comprehensive repository of spares for these six brands anywhere in South Africa.

When Used Car Parts are Best

Some parts just get old, not worse. If it doesn’t wear out and an old one is just the same as a new one, bar a few nicks and scratches, why buy used car parts instead of new ones? Tyres wear out, which is why we buy them new. But hubcaps, mirrors, cubby-hole lids, gear knobs, or door glass may be just as functional and serviceable used as they were when they were new – at a considerable cost saving. There is simply no need to buy a new spare when an old one is just as good. Another consideration is the age and value of the car. If you drive a 1985 Opel Kadett that’s not even worth R10 000 if you try to sell it, why pay an arm and a leg for new spares and over-capitalise on a vehicle that is not worth spending so much money on? Used car parts make keeping these old bangers on the road worth it – and far more affordable.

We Buy Wrecks

And if your car has reached the end of the line, whether it is due to an accident or simply because it has given up the ghost and is beyond repair, we can take it off your hands and buy it for a reasonable amount, so you have a bit of cash in hand to use for whatever you like. Like putting towards a deposit for your next vehicle. So, if you drive a Chev, Citroën, Opel, Suzuki, Peugeot, or Renault and you live in Gauteng, you know where to turn for affordable new and used car parts.