8 Fun Facts About Opel and Opel Spares

A.S.A.P. Spares had humble beginnings as an Opel spares distributor. However, what began as a small-scale business soon grew into Pretoria’s largest vehicle spares dealer. We now stock a myriad of spares from a range of popular brands and always strive to broaden our product offerings to make all things vehicle-related an absolute breeze. Whatever your spare part needs, we are here to help.

Before we delve into our service offerings, let us explore eight fun facts about the innovative brand that is Opel. They certainly have a fascinating and dynamic history.

  1. Opel Began as a Sewing Machine Manufacturer: Yep, you heard that right. The powerhouse brand that is today known for its reputable automobiles had humble beginnings in Hesse, Germany and was founded in 1862 by Adam Opel. The sewing machine manufacturer was successful, selling machines across Europe. However, by 1884, they decided to broaden their horizons when Adam Opel saw a bicycle exhibited at a gallery in France. By the 1890s, the company was manufacturing around 2000 bicycles per year, or as they were more commonly known at the time, penny-farthings. Adam Opel died in 1895, with his legacy firmly grounded in the successful manufacture of bikes and sewing machines.
  2. Opel’s Widow Sophie Was a Huge Part of the Move to Automobiles: After her husband’s passing, his widow Sophie, along with his two sons, decided to expand their repertoire and partnered with a locksmith and designer who had been working on vehicle designs. By 1899, they patented their first vehicle, and while not initially successful, it paved the way for a great future in the automotive world.
  1. They Worked to Make Vehicle’s Accessible for More People: Sophie Opel was passionate about efficiency and worked hard to create reliable and cost-effective cars, more accessible for a greater percentage of Germany’s population. In fact, they were the first automotive company to utilise an assembly line in Germany and in 1909, they produced the famed Doktorwagen (doctor’s car). While other models on the market sold for as much as 20 000 Deutsche Mark, the Opel Doktorwagen sold for around 4000.
  1. The Doktorwagen, as the Name Suggests, Was Made for Doctors: The innovative design was especially praised by doctors at the time who would often have to travel long distances to visit their patients. They thus needed robust and durable vehicles that would be able to easily traverse untarred roads. It was about half of the price of Opel’s more luxurious models.
  2. The Factory Was Destroyed in a Fire, but this Created Room for Innovation: In 1911, a great fire took hold of Opel’s factory, destroying everything and marking the end of sewing machine production (after the brand had manufactured an impressive one million machines.) However, rather than letting this mark their demise, the brand used the tragedy to inspire change and built a new factory with more modernised machinery.
  3. They are All About Design: In the 1960s, Opel became the first car manufacturer to open up a specialised design studio. They worked with creatives to innovative manufacturer vehicles that could still be sold at an affordable rate. Several popular models were born from this space, including Opel Ascona, Opel Manta, and GT.

    Opel Spares

  4. Sales are Still Booming: The brand is still booming over 100 years after the first Opel vehicle was manufactured. In fact, in 2021 – despite the precarious economic times thanks to the pandemic – Opel sales in Germany alone were up by 75%. This is primarily thanks to the new Opel Mokka design, known for being a nippy SUV, perfect for city driving and boasting fantastic comfort.
  5. They Care About the Environment: Since the 1980s, Opel has worked hard to enhance its environmental footprint and do its part for the planet. They invest a great deal of time and energy into their sustainability profile and pride themselves on low emissions for their diesel and gasoline engines.


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