5 Tips for Buying Used Car Parts

Buying used car parts has numerous benefits for vehicle owners. The used car parts industry is booming in South Africa and across the globe, with many vehicle owners choosing reputable second-hand suppliers when they are in need of a new part. The savings of second-hand spares are unparalleled, with experts estimating savings between 20% and 80%, depending on the particular part that you buy. Moreover, buying second-hand boosts the local economy and enhances your green footprint, which are all big wins in our book. Buying used parts is also a great way to save time since you will not have to wait for lengthy (and expensive) deliveries from original equipment manufacturers. These advantages are well known; however, when opting for pre-used car parts, it is important to follow these top tips to ensure that you are getting the right parts.

Knowing what to look for is essential when it comes to quality auto spares. Following these top tips will ensure that you get the right parts for your vehicle, thus ensuring safety and reliability.

  • Know Your VIN Number: Knowing your VIN number is a great way to ensure that you are getting the right part for your vehicle. Often, clients come in without this critical information, which often results inauto spares pretoria them buying the wrong auto part. Unfortunately, not every auto spare is compatible with every car, and this is why auto spare sellers need to know the unique make, model, and engine number before advising you on the best parts. The special VIN number is a unique code that specifies the specific vehicle, much like a human has a fingerprint. This gives sellers all the details needed to find accurate parts. VIN numbers can be found in a few locations depending on the vehicle but can often be found on the front of your car’s engine block or the left corner of the dashboard (near the bottom).
  • Do Not Skip the Salvage Yard: Salvage yards are a fantastic place to find quality spares. Even if a vehicle can no longer drive and function as a car, the spares are often in perfect nick. In fact, it is estimated that around 70% of an accident-damaged car’s parts can still be used, making salvage yards a great place to find perfectly useable, quality spares.
  • Buy from a Trusted Supplier: Choosing where you purchase your auto spares is critical if you are opting for second-hand parts. You want to go with a reputable supplier known for selling premium goods. Go for suppliers who have been in the industry for a number of years and who have great reputations. Ensure that the dealership rigorously tests all car parts prior to sale to ensure that they meet various safety standards. This is paramount when it comes to components like engines. If you are unsure of what safety checks are in place, always ask the supplier.
  • Shop Local: Shopping local is a great way to keep costs down and, as an added bonus, support the local community. When you shop local and find a reputable supplier, costs are cut, and quality is guaranteed. Finding a local one-stop solution to all your auto spare needs also saves you time down the line.
  • Bring Your Mechanic and Go with Reputation: If you are unsure of how to check the quality of a car part, why not bring your mechanic along or someone with sound auto knowledge? This will give you some extra peace of mind, ensuring that the auto spares have been quality assured and checked for any issues. Transparency is critical when it comes to buying second-hand spares, and you want to trust the supplier you choose. This is why choosing a supplier with a great name in the industry is critical.

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New and Used Auto Spares: We stock a wide range of new and second-hand auto spares for the following vehicle models: Opel, Chevrolet, Renault, Peugeot, Suzuki, and Citroën. Feel free to browse our extensive online gallery or feel free to inquire. We will gladly source the parts from our extensive network if you need a part that we cannot find in-store or in the scrapyard.

A Fully Functioning Scrapyard: Neat and organised are not often used to describe scrapyards. However, we pride ourselves on a well-organised yard that makes finding the perfect vehicle component an easy feat. You will notice this organisation as soon as you arrive. Whether you are a motorcar fanatic or a hobbyist who enjoys tinkering with your car over weekends and making small modifications, there are bound to be many items that delight and inspire.

Buying Your Accident-Damaged Vehicles: If you have an accident-damaged vehicle that is a write-off, we might be able to help. Send us a picture and any necessary information (like make, model, and VIN number), and if we want to purchase it, we will make you an offer.

Chat with our expert team today if you are ready to invest in quality second-hand spares, which have been tried and tested to ensure optimal safety adherence and useability. These checks give clients extra peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that they are not buying unusable or unsafe parts.

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