5 Undeniable Advantages of Used Auto Parts 

At some point or another, most drivers will be faced with a conundrum: to buy original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts or to go for a second-hand auto spare. Inevitably, there is going to be a time when something in your car will break, and a replacement part will be needed. New parts are expensive (there are no two ways about it) and for many drivers, replacing broken auto parts with more contemporary counterparts is not an economically sound solution.

So, what should you do? Well, choose second-hand auto parts of course. Unfortunately, with numerous charlatans around, the used parts industry can get a bad reputation, and that is why it is so essential to opt for a service provider with industry experience and a good reputation. When you find such a provider, like A.S.A.P. Spares, hold on because you are in for a really good ride.

When it comes to used auto spares, the advantages are endless. Here, we explore five top benefits of choosing premium used auto parts.

  1. Affordability: The number-one benefit of second-hand auto parts is the impressive price factor. By purchasing quality second-hand parts, you can save a great deal of money and use this for other automotive things, like fuel for the next road trip or a nifty sound system. While prices can vary considerably between different dealerships, most reputable suppliers will keep prices fair and only sell you top-notch products.
  2. Availability: Another bonus of choosing used auto parts is their availability. Since the used car market is so huge, there are almost always second-hand parts to be bought and sold. This means that most auto parts are available if you go the second-hand route. With so many dealers like A.S.A.P Spares online, searching for these parts is also a breeze. Long gone are the days when you had to spend hours in a scrapyard hunting for a part. While many enjoy the thrill of exploring scrapyards, and many A.S.A.P. Spares clients love scouting our scrapyard, this is not a necessity.
  3. No More Waiting: Ordering parts from the original manufacturer can be a timely process, especially when auto parts need to be sent from other parts of the country or shipped from overseas. This can halt repairs and leave you without wheels for the foreseeable future. When you opt for a spares dealer, however, this waiting game is over. You can usually pick up the part you need on the same day and then get the ball rolling with repairs.
  4. They Can Look as Good as New: Second-hand auto spares often look the part, especially when they have been refurbished or looked after with care and precision in mind. Just because a part is second-hand, it does not mean that it cannot do the job properly.
  5. Environmental Benefits: Another critical advantage of buying used auto parts is the environmental factor. Over 70 million new cars are produced every year, and this takes a significant toll on the environment, leading to increased carbon emissions. By opting to buy second-hand parts for your vehicle, you diminish the demand for excess production and essentially recycle a perfectly good part that can still be used. Choosing premium-quality second-hand auto parts is a fantastic way to enhance your green footprint and do your bit for the planet, all the while saving yourself money and time too.

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With many years in the automotive industry, we are well-versed in all things auto spares. Specialising in Opel, Peugeot, Renault, Chevrolet, Suzuki, and Citroën, we can offer expert advice on which parts will work best for these different vehicle brands and the various makes. If we do not stock the exact part that you are looking for, we will also gladly reach out to our large network, so that we can source it for you. Be sure to also explore our other service offerings, including our:

  • Fully Functioning Scrapyard: Visit our well-organised scrapyard and enjoy a plethora of vehicles and spare parts. Whether you are a seasoned mechanic or a vehicle novice who likes to tinker with your car every now and then, there are many gems to be found here. Most clients are amazed at how neat and organised the scrapyard is. It is an ideal spot for anyone who loves cars.
  • Buying Accident-Damaged Vehicles: We source these from auctions, salvage yards, and individual buyers. If you have an accident-damaged car you are looking to sell, get in touch with us, and we will happily have a look at it and make you an offer if we want it.
  • Sourcing New and Used Auto Parts: If you are looking for a specific auto part, send us a message with the details, including the vehicle brand, make, model, year, and engine number. If you have the part number, that is an added bonus, but do not worry if you do not. We will do our best to source the part for you, and if it is not easily accessible, we will reach out to our vast network of automotive experts.

We have been in the business since 2001 and thus have two decades of experience to our name. Whatever parts you need, be it smaller, interior accessories or more significant components like entire engines, we have the part for you.

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