Reasons Why Scrapyards Are a Better Solution For You

Scrapyards, wrecking yards, or vehicle-recycling yards are sizeable outdoor spaces where decommissioned cars and wrecked vehicles are sent once they are no longer fit for the road. Salvageable parts of the cars (such as auto spares or even complete engines) are then sold, and scrap pieces of metal that are no longer useable are sent to specialised metal-recycling plants.Things to Know About Scrapyards - A.S.A.P Spares

Scrapyards have a few fantastic advantages, including offering customers incredible deals on automotive spares, recycling materials that might otherwise end in a landfill or cause environmental harm, and offering some excellent one-stop shopping solutions for anyone looking for multiple parts. Scrapyards are perfect for anyone who has a vehicle.

Whether you enjoy a little mechanical tinkering in your garage over the weekend or own a fleet of cars, it is more than likely that you will find something worthwhile when you navigate an organised scrapyard like ours at A.S.A.P. Spares.

Here we examine four things that you should know about scrapyards. The advantages are unbeatable!

1. Scrapyards are Not Synonymous with Junk 

While people might use scrapyard and junkyard interchangeably, a quality scrapyard will offer anything but junk. When you visit neat, well-organised scrapyards, curated by industry specialists with an eye for high-quality vehicles, you are bound to find some excellent automotive spares. Here at A.S.A.P. Spares, we pride ourselves on the quality of our scrapyard, offering clients an accessible space to find the vehicle parts they need.

We purchase our scraps from several reputable sectors, including salvage yards and auctions and ensure that all vehicles and parts are fit for resale. We are also well-versed in all things related to auto spares and are always on hand to answer any questions or concerns you might have.

2. Scrapyards Usually Buy and Sell Vehicles 

While scrapyards are known for selling old or accident-damaged vehicles, many reputable yards are usually open to buying decommissioned cars from various sources. Here at A.S.A.P. Spares, we are always eager to buy cars from the public. If you find yourself in a situation where the cost of repairing your car is simply beyond your budget, we will happily take your accident-damaged vehicle off your hands.

Just send us some pictures and information, including the vehicle brand, model, and engine number, and we will get back to you with a quote if we would like it. This makes scrapyards a win-win solution for those who want to buy vehicle parts and those who want to sell them.


3. They are a Cost-Effective Solution 

More and more people are choosing quality second-hand spares, especially in these precarious economic times where buying new is becoming a trickier feat. Opting to buy auto spares from a reputable scrapyard can save you a lot of money, not to mention shipping fees and waiting times when you opt for original equipment manufactured items that need to be sent from faraway factories. With these enormous monetary savings, you can invest in future vehicle upgrades, vehicle insurance, and other essential factors.

You might even decide to save those extra funds and go on an exciting road trip with the family – confident that your vehicle will function optimally thanks to premium second-hand spares. Choosing an industry key player like A.S.A.P. Spares will likely result in substantial cost savings, and it is expected that you will find a great deal whenever you visit our premium scrapyard.


4. They are an Environmentally Friendly Solution to Vehicle Waste 

Another definite bonus of shopping for auto spares at a scrapyard is the positive environmental benefits. Opting to buy second-hand auto spares is a great way to enhance your green footprint and support recycling initiatives. Rather than buying new equipment that has to be manufactured in carbon-heavy factories, choose perfectly suitable ready-made spares. Another positive environmental impact of reputable scrapyards is their safe disposal of harmful vehicle chemicals.

Chemicals like battery acid, anti-freeze, and power steering fluid can be very damaging to the environment if they contaminate water, soil, or wildlife, and thus, it is paramount that they are disposed of safely and securely. Those working in salvage yards are expertly trained in safe disposal, making scrapyards an essential element in the recycling chain.

Buying vehicle parts or even entire engines at a reputable scrapyard can thus offer some incredible benefits. These include epic cost savings, the possibility of buying great quality products, enhancing your green footprint, and the possibility of selling your own decommissioned vehicles if repair costs are too high. Nonetheless, when purchasing products at a scrapyard, ensure that you implement these top tips:

  • Visit a reputable scrapyard where auto spares are quality tested and adhere to industry safety regulations. This will offer peace of mind and ensure that you are purchasing safe parts.
  • Ensure that you know exactly what part you need for your car. Information on the vehicle brand, model, and item part should be on hand to make sure that you are buying the correct parts for your car. If in doubt, check with your insurance provider and the staff at the scrapyard.
  • Make sure you know what is causing specific mechanical issues. Spares might be needed, but you always want to check that your vehicle is running optimally before installing new parts. By getting to the root of the mechanical problems, you can avoid future issues down the line.
  • If you opt to buy a second-hand engine, make sure that it is the correct model for your vehicle and that any issues within your car are addressed before you install it. Be sure to also inquire about new oil and filters prior to installation.


Visit A.S.A.P. Spares for Premium Auto Parts and Full Engines 

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