4 Reasons to Buy Quality Second-Hand Auto Parts

Most vehicle owners will have to replace a car part at some point or another. If Lady Luck is on your side, it might be an affordable auto spare, like a windscreen wiper or a new brake pad, and these can usually be found at a reasonable price when new. However, if she is not on your side, it might end up being an expensive spare, like an engine alternator or camshaft. In this case, it is probably a good idea to find a reputable second-hand parts supplier. Choosing high-quality, pre-owned parts can save you a great deal of money when it comes to fixing your vehicle and choosing auto spares.


Here are 5 advantages of choosing second-hand parts from a reputable auto parts supplier like A.S.A.P. Spares.

1) The Cost Saving

There is no denying the vast price gap between used parts and new ones. Sometimes, you can save more than 50% by choosing a premium-quality, pre-owned part. Naturally, these savings can then be reinvested into your vehicle or put towards that holiday you have been dreaming of. Buying brand new, original equipment manufacturer parts can cost an arm and a leg, especially when sourcing parts for more recent vehicles or those that require exclusive components. Shopping second-hand gives you that affordability edge, ensuring that your car and the repairs do not break the bank. What you save on auto parts, you can happily put towards vehicle repairs, yearly car services, or even that up-and-coming road trip.

2) Time Savings

Another great bonus when it comes to choosing pre-owned auto spares is the accessibility factor. When you engage with a spares distributor or visit a working scrapyard, there will be an abundance of auto spares to look through, meaning that you do not have to spend hours trying to find a particular part. Since most auto spare experts also have an extensive network, they can happily source those parts that are not on-site with extra ease.

3) Supporting Local

Another great bonus of purchasing quality auto spares at a reputable dealership is the fact that you are pumping money back into your local economy. This keeps money circulating within your community and, in turn, supports the locals. While the big car companies usually dominate the auto spares scene, smaller dealerships can offer a lot in terms of affordability, personability, and efficiency. So, why not support local? It is, after all, lekker.

4) Environmental Factors

Opting for second-hand spares is also a great way to do your part for the environment. While some parts are best new (say brake pads), other parts are perfect when bought second-hand (for example, rims, windows, and mirrors). Buying second-hand auto parts not only saves you money but also does your part in enhancing your green footprint. Rather than perfectly useable parts ending up in a landfill, use them in your vehicle. Buying used spares is a great way to recycle quality spares.

Finding Quality Second-Hand Auto Parts

So, now you know all the advantages of opting for quality second-hand auto spares, but here is the thing: how do you actually know that the parts you are looking for are quality? Sadly, there are also those fly-by-night dealerships that give the used spares industry a bad name. So, how do you discern the parts of value from the actual junk?

We have some top tips for you here.

Know Your Vehicle Inside Out:

One of the best things that you can do when looking for an auto spare is to know your vehicle. This means coming to the dealership with all the required information, such as vehicle make and model, registration number and fuel type (diesel or petrol), and gearbox type (automatic or manual). For added ease, take a picture of the vehicle if you cannot physically drive it to the dealership to avoid any confusion.

Know the Part:

All too often, clients purchase the wrong part simply because they have not given us the required information or are unclear of what the part actually is. Prior to visiting a dealership, do a little research and see if you can find the part number or even a picture. This can go a long way in ensuring that you get the right part. Happily, however, if you are at a loss and unsure of what you need, the team at A.S.A.P. Spares will do their best to help, and with our expert knowledge, this should be a breeze.

Bring the Proper Engine Details:

If you are looking to replace your engine entirely, you will need to bring your engine details and code. Top things to look for when it comes to purchasing a used engine include checking the gas mileage (the lower, the better), ensuring that the engine has been tested, and making sure it is compatible with your vehicle.

Choose a Reputable Supplier:

This might seem like a no brainer, but a huge part of finding quality spares is choosing a supplier you can trust. We have been in the business of new and used auto spares for many years, specialising in Opel, Peugeot, Suzuki, Renault, Chevrolet, and Citroën. We have since become one of the largest used auto parts providers in Pretoria, ensuring high quality and safety with every sale.

Explore A.S.A.P. Spares Today for Quality Parts

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